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Welcome to the Plain Brown Wrapper "official" Website!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Well, here it is... it was a long time comin' as Dave would sing. The Plain Brown Wrapper finally has a website and yes, I'm to blame. But not entirely.... my good old friend who I've known from jr. high school, James Hosley shares the blame. Yes, the band we started together after working in "The Plagues" with Bill Malone and Phil Nobach really took off when we added super musician and super guy, Scott Durbin. But that was just the beginning of the momentum. Next I talked Steve Allen into joining our quartet, but then he had to leave thanks to Uncle Sam and the Viet Nam War.

To keep the momentum I needed a really good musician and that's when I found the amazing guitarist & singer, Chuck Sweitzer, who was doing music equipment repair by day and at playing & singing in night clubs at night. But that's not all, Chuck was working with a real solid bassman, Dave Livingston - who could also play trumpet - just like Steve Allen did. This kept the horn sound that we loved and were becoming famous for. Plus, David had good auto repair and management chops. We never needed a road manager because he was Mister Organization!

Well... I guess I can share more next time but hopefully this little blog will get things rollin'. P.B.W. welcomes all your comments, blogs or emails about the "good ol' days" and all things related to the our band: Plain Brown Wrapper. Here we are talking about Michigan in the late sixties and early seventies. Last of all, a confession, I am very new at this website thing and I am still learning the ropes. So bare with me and please let me know when there is a glitch or a bitch. Till Next Time, VanMan

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Sep 13, 2021

you said it bro

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