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Hello again to all you "Plain Brown Wrapper" Fans!

Just wanted to apologize for not keeping up with our new member signups. I have been dealing with some health issues the last couple months and haven't been online much. We have had about 8 new members join us in May which is great. I will alert Hoz about this because I think he is going to upload some more music this summer. As for me, I am starting to build my own website which will feature a lot of the music I have created and published over the last ten years or so. I am planning to start gigging again this summer if I can find a good booking agent.

Lastly, if any of you are interested, you can see Scott Durbin's or my (Van Decker) music videos on Just just do a search to find our postings. Hope to hear from some of you folks on the Forum page soon.

Keep on Rockin', VanMan

PS: The picture was taken at the Wrapper's second reunion concert. Check out the "Videos" page to see more from both reunion concerts!

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