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When Pat Paulson Came To Town

Hello Again PBW Fans!

4 of the five original members are still in touch with each other. Often times we get on Zoom together and share memories of the things we did and the all the wild gigs we played. So, the other day David found this "Pat Paulson for President" pin and sent all of us this picture. Well.... that got us all talking about the experience we had when the Pat Paulson's Campaign came to Lansing. You see, the Wrapper was asked to play at his parade/rally on a flatbed truck and also to open for his comedy show that night at the Grandmother's Nite Club. A pretty clever marketing idea, I think, to entice people to come to his shows. Yes, in 1968 he actually toured the country in a run for the presidency of the United States!

But everyone knew it was a hoax!

If you want to know more there are videos of his comedic speeches on

I should also mention that we were so enthusiastic that we wrote a "Pat Paulson for President Campaign Song" which we performed just before his act.

The following are quotes from the about this experience....


Hello Friends,

And how are you doing this fine day? Many years ago I gave a pin to my brother, Lyle. He recently gave it back to me so I have enclosed a picture of it in this note, I'm not sure which of you were present and experienced Pat Paulson running for President but it was what happened.

I don't remember if we just happened to be the band playing at Grandmothers at the time and heard that Pat was coming to Lansing but somehow we wrote a campaign song for the event. There was a parade from the capitol to Grandmothers or from Grandmothers to the capitol with us on a truck playing music. I don't remember if Pat gave a speech but I wouldn't be surprised. John Ryese was there and we had quite a party.

How many of you still have your pin? Or any other memorabilia? I think the Paulson people were serious about us becoming the official campaign band and traveling with Pat but Bobby Kenedy was shot and all of that went up in smoke.

So drop a line to recount your memories of events and have a Blessed day!

Love, Dave


I think we met him at the airport and then there was a procession back to Grandmothers. We were on a flatbed playing? “Paulson is our man?” And didn’t Pat tell us to come to L.A. where he could get us a weekend at a hot club called “The Factory?”


I recall the band writing and rehearsing “We Can’t Stand Pat” in the basement of 406 Walnut Street. I was working a day-gig at Marshall Music, so I missed the parade with the band set-up on the flatbed truck, our big, PA horns attached to the stakes. (I once had a photo of Van at keyboards [wearing a Pork Pie Hat] and Scott on trumpet, behind the flatbed stakes. I have lost it. Maybe Van has a copy.)


Hey Wrappers, Van here….

Yes i remember it well but what i remember most was the weather. It was raining all through the parade and unfortunately very few people came out on the streets to watch. I remember feeling that the parade was a waste of time & energy. Also i remember that someone briefly saw us on The Smothers Brothers tv show. Does anybody know it that was true?


I do remember Van telling how cold and dreary it was on the flatbed truck. Notice that Scott was wearing his baby blanket uniform top (Chris made) with the epaulets. You can see the EV PA horn and the old EV microphone. I believe that Van was playing only the Hohner keyboard on the truck, but I could be wrong.

I have no idea who took this image.

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