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The Plain Brown Wrapper
shared the stage with many famous bands!

Specially designed for The Wrapper by Dennis!
Detroit "Pop" Festival poster. - 1969
The Detroit "Pop" Festival - 1969
This 3-day festival brought together some of Michigan's most popular groups at the time.
Detroit "Pop" Festival schedule - 1969
The Wrapper was against the Viet Nam war and played for several anti-war rallies at MSU- 1969
The Wrapper also appeared as the headliners in several rock concerts.
Known for their unique style, the Wrapper was often added to a hard rock show.
Jerry Patlow became know for many of the local rock productions in and around the Detroit area.
The Wrapper played Sherwood Forest several times. One of mid-Michigans best rock venues.
The Wrapper often opened for famous Top 40 groups like Big Brother and the Holding Co.
Many new Wrapper fans resulted from seeing the the group when they opened for a better-know band.
This is a program from a dance production of "Tommy".
The last Plain Brown Wrapper concert was with the Lansing Sym. Orch. and the Lansing H.S. Chorus.
The group has had two reunions.  This was the first in 1994.
The group has had two reunions.  This was the second reunion concert in 2016.

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Including posters by Dennis Preston!

Dennis Preston FB image.jpg

Live recording of a song by composer/producer John Rhys Eddins!

I Found Me (live performance)
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